Thanksgiving for the Family of Frank & Jesse James

Jesse James Soul Liberty, Vol. I, by Eric F. James

On this Thanksgiving, I’m particularly grateful to all the family of Frank & Jesse James who worked with me and made their contributions toward bringing my history of the Jesse James family to publication.

Yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving, I received an email from one family member who had just received her copy of my book. She expressed regret that the Thanksgiving holiday would prevent her from jumping right into the book, and that reading the book would have to wait until after Thanksgiving was done.

I replied, stating this needn’t be so. No need to wait upon reading the book at all to ingest the seasoning of all of its nourishing tidbits and tangy secrets. All that is needed to be done is to insert her copy of Jesse James Soul Liberty into a food processor and grind away. When done the book easily could be absorbed as holiday stuffing.

Have a good one, all!