On November 20, 2011, Kansas City native Col. Stewart Boone McCarty Jr. died. Like the grandchildren of Jesse James, Col. McCarty was a direct descendant of Kentucky explorer Daniel Boone, making him a cousin to the grandchildren of Jesse James, who also are directly descended from Daniel Boone. (See Pedigree below.) Unlike the outlaw’s grandchildren who suffered under the stigma… (more…)

Gagging on Google

Here’s a WARNING for anyone who wants to search on Google for  Stray Leaves, Leaves of Gas, or anything related  to our web pages. Google now offers a new option when you seek search results. The option allows the searcher to block a web site that appears among the results Google provides to the searcher. BLOCKING A WEB SITE CAN… (more…)

Roberta Alice James Ross Passed Away

Roberta Alice James Ross, at the young age of 88, passed away September 21, 2010 in her home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Roberta was born April 01, 1922 in Atlanta, Logan, Illinois, the only child to Kenneth Ernest and Mary Ellen Hawkins James. She married William C. Watkins in 1941 and then married Paul R. Ross in the 70’s, both preceded… (more…)

2012 New Year Prayer from Fr. James Malley S.J.

  Each year at Christmas time Fr. Jim Malley sends us his annual greeting and update. Excerpted here is his prayer for family & friends as we enter the new year of 2012. Fr. Jim Malley’s Prayer for 2012 Our holiday traditions and those of Christmas and Hanukkah never change. Treasured thoughts and memories flood in reminding us whence we… (more…)

Best Pictures Ever of a New James Arrival – 2011

Of all the pictures that are collected & contributed each year that find their way into the archives collected by The James Preservation Trust, most are of pictures of  James family children. There’s always baby pictures of new born infants who are the new arrivals into the family. In 2011, one set of pictures of a newborn arrival stood out… (more…)

Ayme James Curlee Pointer – Wonderwoman of the James Family

The James and their descendants certainly can confound expectation. Some say the James are hard to figure out. Others say you don’t know what to expect of the James. Take this James family relation, for example. AYME JAMES CURLEE-POINTER likes to do different things…like flying over the Virginia countryside. Oh yeah…forgot to mention it…Ayme likes to fly in a Search… (more…)

Mary Huey Alvarez as Texas Pioneer

Mary Huey Alvarez is a James family descendant who lives in Stephensville, Texas. Recently in 2011, Mary portrayed an early Texas pioneer of Erath County at a recent festival. It would be very difficult to improve on Mary’s authenticity. RELATED STORIES Descendants of Nancy James & Lacy McKinsey, includes Mary Huey Alvarez linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor =… (more…)

Dr. Samuel Evans James’ Yacht “The Wanderer”

Russell Hatter, the assistant curator of the Capital City Museum in Frankfort, Kentucky, sent us this newspaper clipping from the Kentucky Journal of September 8, 1903. The story documents a day cruise on the Kentucky River aboard Dr. James’ yacht The Wanderer. Among the guests, the article identifies Sally Jouett Taylor, Dr. James’ wife. After Dr. James died, Sally married… (more…)

Margaret Helen James Remembered by Her Granddaughter Kerri Squires

My grandma, Margaret Helen James, was born in Fort Benton, Montana on January 30, 1926. Dr. Kaulback was the attending physician, and she would see him many times throughout her life. Dr. Kaulback moved to Spokane, and during the last years of his life Grandma went to see him several times. Grandma was the last of 4 children – two… (more…)

Tis the Season – Christmas for Stray Leaves – 2011

MERRY CHIRSTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Stray Leaves of the James Family To celebrate here’s a video Christmas card for you. We hope you enjoy the CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = “none”;

Author of JESSE JAMES SOUL LIBERTY book enters Hell

Researching my book was twelve years of fun that seemed never ending. Four more years of writing the book was like working in a heaven of my own making. Every day a multitude of historic people came to life, just for me. All of them long gone, I never had known them personally before. Working together, they gave me their… (more…)

Michele Bachmann Challenged to Prove Jesse James Claim

The James Preservation Trust represents the historical interests of the family of Frank & Jesse James. Everyday the Trust deals with claims from the public regarding the outlaw Jesse James. Most claims regard a kinship to the outlaws, or a story of a relationship passed down through generations of a family. Only a few claims are submitted with supporting evidence.Most… (more…)


“If all I did was to walk around saying that I’m a descendant of Daniel Boone and a descendant of Jesse James, I wouldn’t have a life of my own.” – Donald James Baumel to Eric James, 2002 The ancestry which Donald James Baumel inherited from America’s iconic outlaw Jesse James and Kentucky’s iconic explorer Daniel Boone determined how Don… (more…)

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