The Acknowledgements Chapter of Jesse James Soul Liberty

The chapter I dreaded writing most was my ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS chapter. Topping my recognition list was the Jesse James family itself, who broke 130 years of their historical silence to help me write this book. They were a given. But I had a lot more help than theirs alone. Most Acknowledgement chapters are a dreadful list of names, meaningless to most… (more…)

J. Mark Beamis Endorses Jesse James Soul Liberty

ENDORSEMENT by J. MARK BEAMIS…Mark is the son of Joan Beamis who authored the first genealogy of the Jesse James family Background of a Bandit, first published by the Kentucky Historical Society in 1970, and replicated by others since. He and his mother are first cousins of Frank & Jesse James. Mark has just written the following, highly personal endorsement.… (more…)

Vice-Presidential Debate Vid Highlights James Family Places

Two geographical sites, important to the James family, are shown in the following video about the Vice-Presidential debate 2012, held in Danville, Kentucky. The video’s opening sequence highlights Constitution Square in Danville. In a log cabin there in 1784, John M. James attended the Danville Convention. Under Judge Harry Innes, the convention met to address the grievances of Kentucky’s frontiersmen… (more…)

Pre-Orders for Jesse James Soul Liberty – Printing Now

PRE-ORDERS ARE PRINTING NOW…If you pre-ordered already, your copy of Jesse James Soul Liberty is being printed now, right here. These are the presses of Lightning Source, our printers located outside Nashville. No matter how big or small our book orders, these presses whip out the order in no time at all. After your pre-order is received at Cashel Cadence… (more…)

FRIEND Jesse James Soul Liberty on Facebook

Jesse James Soul Liberty now has a Facebook page. You’re invited to LIKE us, and participate with us in the ongoing announcements, feature stories, and discussion of the book among the book’s readers, the James family, fans & friends. linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = “none”;

The Villains Holding Up Jesse James Soul Liberty

Jesse James Soul Liberty was scheduled to be published on September 5, 2012. Publication now has been delayed. What’s holding up transforming the book’s manuscript into a printed book? It’s the little black box you see here. The box is an external hard drive. Inside the box resides the manuscript & research files for Jesse James Soul Liberty. Also inside… (more…)

Ron Hansen Revealed

Ron Hansen’s novel The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford was published in 1983. In 2009, actor Brad Pitt turned the novel into a stunning film that sadly flopped at the box office. Both Hansen’s book and Pitt’s movie are fictional depictions. Yet both survive as the most representative of their genres regarding the accuracy of their… (more…)

Book Review – Son of a Bandit: Jesse James & The Leeds Gang, by Ralph A. Monaco II

BOOK REVIEW by Nancy B. Samuelson Son of a Bandit: Jesse James & The Leeds Gang, by Ralph A. Monaco II, (Monaco Publishing, LLC, 2012), 268 pp, soft cover, $20.95. The author is a practicing attorney in Kansas City, Missouri, a former member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He also has a passion for living history and historical presentations.… (more…)

Northfield, MN, Rakes in the Cash off Jesse James

Every year the Minnesota town of Northfield places its civic pride on display in a three day festival called the Defeat of Jesse James Days. The town celebrates its historic dismantling of the James-Younger Gang following their robbery of the First National Bank of Northfield on September 7, 1876, two days after Jesse James’ 29th birthday. The Younger brothers were… (more…)

You’ve Got Mail

The print book proof for Jesse James Soul Liberty Vol. I has arrived at the Hemp House.     linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = “none”;

In-Laws of Our James Know More Than Us Sometimes

Was it not for Ruby Tidwell-Johnson, few of our James family would know about the descendants of John James of Alvarado, his story, & the story of his line. Ruby is the wife of Dennis Lee Johnson, a James family descendant. For years, Ruby meticulously compiled a history of her husband’s family. Ruby not only collected the required genealogy of… (more…)

Randall James attends the Pioneers & Old Settlers Reunion

Randall James is attending the Pioneers & Old Settlers Reunion in Alvarado, Texas this weekend, and shares some pictures with us. Here Randy stands beside the plaque commemorating the Reunion, co-founded by John James of Alvarado. The commemorative plaque tells the story of the founding of the Reunion. From the Facebook page for Alvarado, we obtained this year’s schedule of… (more…)

Book Review – The Trial of Jesse James Jr. by Laurie Ann Little

Nancy Samuelson brings us another of her reviews in the Jesse James book genre. The Trial of Jesse James, Jr.: The Son of An Outlaw Stands Accused, adapted by L. A. Little, (Vintage Antique Classics Publishing Co. 2012), 201 pp., soft cover, $14.99. This book opens with a short section, “Beginnings” which gives a bit of the history of Jesse… (more…)

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