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Tis the Season – Christmas for Stray Leaves – 2011

MERRY CHIRSTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Stray Leaves of the James Family To celebrate here’s a video Christmas card for you. We hope you enjoy the CARNIVAL OF THE ANIMALS linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = “none”; Awards Grant to The James Preservation Trust

The genealogy research web site has awarded a research grant to The James Preservation Trust. In the video below, Archives interviews recipient Eric James about his genealogy research of the Jesse James family. Eric tells what’s been learned to date, and what new research is coming. linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = “none”;

The Guns of Jesse James

Eric James of the James Preservation Trust, representing the historical interests of the family of Frank & Jesse James, discusses the known guns owned by Jesse James and passed down to his family. Eric further addresses authentication issues the Trust runs into when guns claimed to have belonged to Jesse James come to auction. linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″;… (more…)


You’re invited to comment on a draft edition of the book trailer for Eric James’ new book SOUL LIBERTY, Behind the Heritage of Silence in the Family of Jesse James. SOUL LIBERTY is the first history ever to be written about the Jesse James family. Volume I of this four volume quartet is scheduled for publication in the Fall of… (more…)

Titanic Star Gloria Stuart – a Jesse James Cousin

To a modern young audience it seems Gloria Stuart only achieved stardom in her 90s for her portrayal of Old Rose in the hit movie Titanic. She garnered both Oscar & Golden Globe nominations. The Screen Actors Guild, of which Gloria was a founding member, gave her the SAG Award. On her 100th birthday, the Guild also honored her with a… (more…)

John M. James Appears Before The Kentucky Humanities Council in Restless for Revolution

Last week I had the opportunity to perform John M. James before the Kentucky Humanities Council. John M. James is my 4th great grandfather. See the video below. Every year the Humanties Council contracts with five performers to add to its stable of historical performances. The Council then sends out the performers around the Commonwealth throughout the year to schools, organizations,… (more…)

John M. James Speaks of Jeremiah Vardeman

Eric James portrays John M. James, as John speaks of his family, their early life on the Kentucky frontier, and also of his son-in-law, Rev. Jeremiah Vardeman, who gave the father of Frank & Jesse James, Rev. Robert Sallee James, $20,000 to become a founder of William Jewell College in Missouri. Vardeman himself founded the Schools of Theology at both… (more…)

Techniques of Jesse James Con Artists

If Jesse James didn’t die, neither did Michael Jackson . Here’s some techniques used by faux historians and con artists to deny the existence of factual history. The techniques are as good today as they were back then. linkscolor = “993300″; highlightscolor = “339900″; backgroundcolor = “FFFFFF”; channel = “none”;

After Bogus Jesse James History, TV’s HISTORY program to air bogus JFK history

With its developing record of concocting bogus Jesse James history for the sake of TV ratings, the television distributor formerly known as The History Channel now attacks the history of the President John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family. TV’s History program formerly fabricated fake Jesse James history in an effort to improve ratings and to attract the young male demographic,… (more…)

Who Do You Think You Are ?

I’m looking forward to this program for a number of reasons. Ever since I gave the Founder’s Day Address at Georgetown College in Kentucky a few years ago, I’ve publiclly advocated for the institution of accredited study of family history in schools and colleges. Not so much for learning about one’s family, which is thrilling in itself; nor for learning… (more…)

Jesse James Is A Dead Man – and a Fraud

 STRAY LEAVES receives a steady stream of inquiries from parties wanting to know if the claims of Jesse Gregory James, alias Jesse James, of West Coast Choppers & television celebrity fame, are true. The same claim is made by his production companies and program distributors on his behalf. The fact is, his claim is fraudulent. Prior to 2005 and early in… (more…)

Time for some Christmas cheer

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Death of Jesse James on History channel

      I was watching the “History Channel”  story about the death of Jesse James while having Thanksgiving dinner with a physician friend (he had taped it).  We really weren’t paying much attention until the segment about the autopsy came to the screen.  Our response together was that if the autopsy report is accurate and the photograph is accurate it would be… (more…)

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