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Jesse James Gang & Family Reunion 2002 Video – Pt. 3

D. W. JamesThe third video in our series of “home movies” from the Jesse James family reunion in 2002 is now available for viewing. In this one, I offer a half hour presentation, talking about Jesse’s uncle Drury Woodson James, who founded Paso Robles, California, and who almost became governor of California, had not his wife Louise stopped it.

My talk was based upon the slide show about Uncle Drury that I had published on Stray Leaves in 2001. Our technology setup at the Paso Robles Inn went awry, and I could not project the slide show on the screen behind me. That’s why you see me reading off the small screen of my laptop, and why the various reference slides pop up in the video from the slide show. You still can review the slide show at your leisure, and read the text that accompanies each slide.

This video also will give you a preview of Volume V of Jesse James Soul Liberty, which will be devoted entirely to the biography of Drury Woodson James, far more comprehensively than you find in either this video or the slide show.

Christmas Rap from the Family of Frank & Jesse James

Season’s Greetings from Stray Leaves.

For over fifteen years, the late Thurston James played Santa Claus at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks, California. Countless children, former children, and children at heart recall Thurston fondly.

Here Thurston shares a special Christmas tune he wrote and performed for his own grandchildren. The pictures are from the 1909 Victorian home in Danville, Kentucky, of Thomas Stratton Lanier Sr. & his wife Margaret Sallee, related to the James family. The home as seen was formerly owned by Stray Leaves publisher Eric James.