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Count me in!

Penned 2014

I’m in! You can count me in. This morning I sent my literary submission for the Penned 2014 – 7th Annual Writer’s Showcase to Kentucky Monthly magazine.

The piece was finished a couple of weeks ago. It’s been fermenting since. I checked my creative non-fiction entry this morning, and it hadn’t gone stinky on me since I wrote it. Creative writing can do that, a lot. In fact, the work was smelling so sweet, I decided now’s the time to get it in, well before the deadline.

Kentucky offers some of the stiffest writing competition outside of New York. Kentucky writers, like Kentucky Derby contenders, know this is the place to compete and be judged. Watch for the results in October.


ASA CASTLE, Tattoo Artist in the James Family

The most amazing thing about Asa Castle is not the fact that Asa is a tattoo artist. It’s the fact that Asa is a single dad, who is raising his son Kannon Van Castle while making a living as an artist. Being both artist and single dad has its challenges.




Asa’s not the only artist in his family. Descended from four generations of bankers and tobacco farmers in Lexington, Kentucky, Asa’s mother, Hart Gay James was sufficiently independent to move past the family businesses. Asa’s mother established a successful landscape business, while she also was drawn to art herself. The family talent also found its way to Asa’s sister Charlotte Hart Castle, who also is an artist.


Art and creativity comes naturally to the James and their descendants. We can’t wait to see where Kannon Van Castle will take his creative talent.


Asa Christopher Castle

. Hart Gay James & Douglas Jay Castle

.. Robert Coleman James II & Hart L. Dunkman

… Robert Lee James Sr. & Mary Watrous

…. David Hunt James Sr. & Anne Tavner Gay

….. John Graves James & Anna Skinner

…… Rev. Daniel James Sr. & Nancy Ann Graves

…… Joseph James, the Elder & Mary Field

….. John M. James & Clara Nalle


James Family in Banking

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