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Violence – The American Way

If the overused and undervalued word “awesome” is applicable today, it is regarding the people of Boston when they were faced by the recent violence in their city. In their cradle of America’s democracy, we witnessed in them that the self-reliance patriots dreamed of.

Faced with terror and death, there were no calls to arm each and every person with guns. No citizens grabbed for the weapons of war. There were no trumpets to hate government. There was no fomenting of distrust in leadership. All that was the terrorists’ do.

What the people of Boston seized upon was their self-reliance in government, their self-support for enlightened leadership, and their own militia-style spirit of organized cooperation, that didn’t require their personal guns. In victory’s end, the people of Boston cheered their champions, welcoming them with ever more dedication and support, as they now reassemble in the swelling pride of their community.

Boston shows us the American way.

Cartoon by John Cole
Cartoon by John Cole

The Guns of Jesse James

Eric James of the James Preservation Trust, representing the historical interests of the family of Frank & Jesse James, discusses the known guns owned by Jesse James and passed down to his family. Eric further addresses authentication issues the Trust runs into when guns claimed to have belonged to Jesse James come to auction.