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Sons of Liberty Take History Channel to the Woodshed

History logoHistory, the network for male entertainment formerly called the History Channel, is taking steps not be chastised again for producing bogus historical accounts. The effort appears as honest as a baby step.

The website for its upcoming mini-series Sons of Liberty sports a link called the “Historian’s View.” Therein lays History Channel’s disclaimer. “SONS OF LIBERTY is a dramatic interpretation of events that sparked a revolution. It is historical fiction, not a documentary.” So much said for History to set the record straight, but is it?

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Apparently not enough, for The Journal of the American Revolution. The Journal ‘s TV reviewer Thomas Verenna got an early preview of Sons of Liberty. He was drowned by the network in a sea of promotional material. Despite the appearance of credentialed historians in the series, Verenna observed, “Understandably, one might get the impression from these sneak peeks that this is some sort of docu-drama. Well, it’s not that at all. You have to dig a bit to find it (it’s never explicitly stated in the trailers or promotional content)… actually, it’s more of an alternate history…”

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Over the years, we’ve taken History to the woodshed a number of times, recently in 2013 for “making [up] history every day” regarding productions relating to Jesse James. Challenging History has stopped it from producing more Jesse James fictional invention. Realistically, though, we expect the network will continue to develop more fictional entertainment around Jesse in the future. Jesse James is too appealing just to give up.

Unfortunately, neither historians of Jesse James, nor historians. in general, carry the political clout of the family of John F. Kennedy, as we reported. The Kennedy clan effectively put a cease and desist order on the network with only the threat of going to court. History has since dropped any proposals altogether of producing fictional history around the personage of President John F. Kennedy.

Journal of the American Revolution

The Journal admits that the production values of the mini-series are pretty good. The show is entertaining. But the show also is flawed, sufficiently enough to warrant a lengthy list of fact checking on its historical facts. The Journal breaks down each episode here, as we’ve done here in the past.

Nothing would please us better than, not to be the guardian of the History Channel’s truancy. If only the network had changed its name from the History Channel to Wishful History. Then there would be no need to disclaim its productions. As it persists in its brand of flawed, interpretative, alternate, or downright bogus history, the network and its productions must continue to be monitored for a chronic lack of integrity masquerading as an authority.

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Making (up) History Every Day

History Channel

It appears the cable channel formerly known as the History Channel is not about to give up manufacturing bogus Jesse James history.

This week I was contacted by a production company seeking to associate Jesse James with the Knights of the Golden Circle. My response was, “Good luck in finding something that doesn’t exist.” I then directed the production company to the numerous posting links below from our blog, Leaves of Gas, for details on my terse response.

A final email to me from the production company stated, “I will go ahead and advise my team not to pursue this myth.” While the production may have given up, I expect to hear from History again no doubt in the future. After all, they’re “Making (up) History Every Day.”


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After Bogus Jesse James History, TV’s HISTORY program to air bogus JFK history

With its developing record of concocting bogus Jesse James history for the sake of TV ratings, the television distributor formerly known as The History Channel now attacks the history of the President John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family.

TV’s History program formerly fabricated fake Jesse James history in an effort to improve ratings and to attract the young male demographic, at the expense of losing the middle age and senior demographic the channel was founded upon. The program also changed its strongly identified name of The History Channel to History.com, or simply History to distance itself from any implied requirement to deliver factual or bone fide history.

Now the History program has turned to fabricating bogus political history. Blatantly written by a right wing operative, the program goes so far as to present events that never happened as occurrences of legitimate history. The program clearly has its sights set on including among its audience those political, and perhaps religious, interests chronically bent on disseminating misinformation.

The relentless assault upon factual and true history by the History program ranks no less as an assault upon the nation itself. Everyone knows the mistakes of the past are bound to be repeated by those who ignore history and its lessons. Our nation’s history provides ample evidence of politicians who ignored the lessons of history to the nation’s detriment. In order to sustain itself as a nation, America requires of itself a knowledge that is truthful and factual.

Manufacturing ignorance, as the History program does repeatedly, is an act far more egregious, that only can amount to being outright criminality. Every human being or nation relies upon a knowledge of the past that is factual and not bogus. An absence or distortion of such knowledge impedes the ability or a person or nation to develop and grow, and thrive on a sound footing. Providers of inaccurate or false history deprive an individual or nation of the sustenance they are entitled to. If either should fail, let history itself note the role TV’s History program contributed to their downfall.

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Death of Jesse James on History channel

      I was watching the “History Channel”  story about the death of Jesse James while having Thanksgiving dinner with a physician friend (he had taped it).  We really weren’t paying much attention until the segment about the autopsy came to the screen.  Our response together was that if the autopsy report is accurate and the photograph is accurate it would be very difficult to sustain that bullet path if Mr. James had been more just a few inches above the shooter.  Wasn’t Mr. James supposed to be standing on a chair or stool?