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First Galley for This Bloody Ground

Loaded up a new toner cartridge, good for 2400 copies, and started printing the first galley of This Bloody Ground, Volume II of Jesse James Soul Liberty.

My beta-readers have returned their comments after they reviewed the first two-thirds of the book. I was surprised by their reaction. No severe comments, just a batch of good constructive criticism. I already can see how their comments will improve the book.

I thoroughly enjoy this part of the writing process, because the computer words finally leap onto paper to give me a preview of how the book will look, and how big it yet might grow to be.

From here, I can sit with the book in hand, and see how I will accommodate recommendations from my beta-readers and where. Then I can re-write those portions and freeze the manuscript.

After that, I’ll re-read the book again, this time to find where I want to insert all my photos and images. Volume I had 175 of them. I’m trying to keep the number down for Volume II. I want to keep printing costs down, and keep down the wholesale and retail costs for the book.

As I do all this, I’ll be completing the last third of the book and constructing all the back-matter for the end of the book. Then comes the last and most agonizing pain. I hate constructing an Index!

This book will only be a year late in its arrival to the market. But it should make 2015 another exciting year for the fans of Jesse James Soul Liberty.

Frankfort, Kentucky’s Gathering of Authors 2013

Just a reminder ladies…

Jesse James Soul Liberty Ladies Book Club

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 24, 2013, yours truly, Eric F. James, will be signing my book Jesse James Soul Liberty in the company of Kentucky’s finest authors at the 2013 Gathering of Authors at the Paul Sawyier Library in Frankfort, Ky., from 10am to 3 pm.
Y’all come now.


Paul Sawyier Library Gathers Kentucky Authors & Some Jesse James Family History

Upcoming Book Signing – Authors Alley, Cynthiana, Kentucky

My book signing for Jesse James Soul Liberty with Authors Alley this coming Saturday, July 27, 2013, is raising all kinds of expectations.

The event is in Cynthiana, KY, a town known for the volatility of its sentiments, as seen in this picture. I’ve will join with four other Kentucky authors with prestigious reputations. To boot, I will be signing books inside the Farmer’s Deposit Bank from 3-9 pm at Pike & Main Streets. Imagine, Jesse James Soul Liberty INSIDE the Farmer’s Bank. Is that karma, or what?

Author John Sparks also will be signing his books with me. I met John several years ago when he wrote Raccoon John Smith, Frontier Kentucky’s Most Famous Preacher. Smith was associated with many of the rebel Baptist preachers like Rev. Jeremiah Vardeman who I preview in Jesse James Soul Liberty, and about whom I will write more in Volume II. John Sparks most recent offering is Kentucky’s Most Hated Man, Charles Chilton Moore & the Bluegrass Blade.

Author Jerry Deaton had a hit book, Tales of Bloody Breathitt, a companion book to his Feuds of Bloody Breathitt. Jerry also is an innkeeper who owns the Carriage House Inn in Lexington, Kentucky.

Author Steve Flairty will be signing his two volumes of Kentucky’s Everyday Heroes, two books about ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Rounding out our panel is Steve Vest, publisher, and editor of Kentucky Monthly magazine. Steve is a great supporter of the literary efforts of Kentucky authors.

Other authors also will be participating. At the Old Ben Franklin Building at the corner of Walnut and Pike, you’ll find:
Debbie Cooper
Cynthia Ellingsen
Sherry Chandler
Matthew Haughton
Terry Cummins

Drop by, and visit us all. We’ll be happy to sign a book for you.