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Second Book Award Nomination for Jesse James Soul Liberty

wild west history associationMORE GOOD NEWS…Jesse James Soul Liberty has received its second nomination for a book award.

Previously, the book received a nomination for the Spur Award, given by the Western Writers of America. See the earlier announcement.

This nomination  is for the best non-fiction biography, given by the Wild West History Association.

Television viewers are well acquainted with WWHA’s members. Many of them are sought-after authorities by cable TV channels such as History and Discovery.  Look forward to the final announcement of winners this summer.

Show Your Love. Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

Jesse James books



One way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give a copy of Jesse James Soul Liberty Vol. I to the library, school, historical, or genealogical society of your choice. Special discount pricing applies now. See the book’s website for details.

Here’s what reviewers are saying…

“The abundance of the accomplishments of the James family is more than enough to mitigate any stigma attached because of the outlaws. This family has led the way for social justice in many fields. They have been leaders in law, business, church, education and the arts..”

“In summary, this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I did not want to put the book down. It reads a lot like the family sagas written by Howard Fast and John Jakes. However, this is all fact, not fiction.”

“My wife was buried in this, and continues to re-read.  Just wish I had gotten the autographed version for her.”


Here are some people you’ll meet when you read Chapter Four of JESSE JAMES SOUL LIBERTY by Eric James. Chapter Four is about John James of Alvarado, Texas…

The top row is Myra Belle Shirley, more famously known as Belle Starr. While John James of Alvarado was teaching his school on the Texas prairie in July of 1872, John was visited by Belle Starr. John recounted the visit in his diary.

The bottom row is pictures of Emily Wren “Emma” Shirley. In 1896, John’s son, Enoch Elbert “Elo” James (pictured below), married Emma Shirley.

Enoch Elbert James 1876-1915

John was visited by Belle Starr shortly after the Comanche Indians slaughtered John’s neighbor Nicholas Henry Dawson. Nick Dawson had migrated to Texas from Woodford County in Kentucky where the Dawson family lived near the Black Horse Inn operated by the Cole family of Frank & Jesse James’ mother, Zerelda Cole.

Nicholas Henry "Nick" Dawson 1828-1870