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Libraries Line Up for the Jesse James Family

Libraries are lining up to stock Jesse James Soul Liberty on their book shelves. Today we add the following:

Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkely, Special Collections
University of Wisconsin, Special Collections
University of Arizona Library
They follow behind the University of Kentucky Library and the Frankfort (KY) Public Library, the first libraries to perceive the book’s importance for history.

Finding a publisher who could get JJSL into America’s libraries was a primary goal, that initially delayed the book’s publication for almost two years. Though the book is an entertaining non-fiction history of the Jesse James family, the book has abundant new historical information about the Jesse James family never published before. It was important that the book not only appear in today’s marketplace, but also that the book remain accessible for future generations.

North Star Press, who published almost all of the Jesse James catalogue written by John Koblas, would have been a natural fit to publish the book. It was with regret, though, that I elected to pass on North Star’s publication offer. North Star Press could not guarantee JJSL would find its way on to library book shelves.

I’m also informed today to expect more libraries that will be placing more orders. Meanwhile, book readers can offer a copy to their own favorite library, historical or genealogical society, by taking advantage of the publisher’s discount offer for books donated to learning institutions.

Show Your Love. Valentine’s Day Is Coming!

Jesse James books



One way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give a copy of Jesse James Soul Liberty Vol. I to the library, school, historical, or genealogical society of your choice. Special discount pricing applies now. See the book’s website for details.

Here’s what reviewers are saying…

“The abundance of the accomplishments of the James family is more than enough to mitigate any stigma attached because of the outlaws. This family has led the way for social justice in many fields. They have been leaders in law, business, church, education and the arts..”

“In summary, this is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I did not want to put the book down. It reads a lot like the family sagas written by Howard Fast and John Jakes. However, this is all fact, not fiction.”

“My wife was buried in this, and continues to re-read.  Just wish I had gotten the autographed version for her.”

Put Jesse James on Your MasterCard or Visa

Last week Capital One Bank approved the image of Jesse James for the face of the MasterCard of Eric James, president of The James Preservation Trust. This image never has been published before. The original full image of Jesse will be published for the first time on the book cover of Eric’s new book about the Jesse James family Jesse James Soul Liberty, Behind His Family Heritage of Stigma & Silence.

The funding campaign to publish Jesse James Soul Liberty remains in effect until August 14, 2011 at Kickstarter.com

To encourage additional pledges, The James Preservation Trust will now make this previously unpublished image of Jesse James available to anyone who registers a pledge of $25 or more, or who increases an existing pledge, between now and July 30, 2011. When the funding goal is successfully achieved, those who pledge will receive the image of Jesse James to put on their credit cards, together with the Rewards offered by the pledge amount selected.

Make your pledge today on Kickstarter.com . Put Jesse James on your bank credit card. And put Jesse James Soul Liberty and the history of the Jesse James family on the shelves of America’s bookstores and libraries.