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Marion and Daniel Ephriam James Chose a Guardian

Francis Marion & Daniel Ephriam James Select Their Guardian


In August of 1860, Francis Marion James Sr. and his brother Daniel Ephriam James entered open court at Boyle County Courthouse in Kentucky, to either declare their father Joseph McAlsiter James as their guardian or to declare themselves as independent of their family. They chose to remain with their father.

The boys’ mother, Elizabeth Vardeman James had died sometime about 1846, a year after D. E. was born. She probably died giving birth to a stillborn child. Their father promptly remarried in October of that year to Margaret Wood. By the time Marion and D. E. appeared in court, the boys had five additional siblings, Thomas William, Mary Ellen, Martha Jane, George Thomas, and John Robert James who would become a respected Baptist minister.


Francis M. James, a minor over 14 years of age…into open Court and made choice of Joseph McJames, Guardian, which is certified by the appointment of…Guardian aforesaid by the Court. And said Joseph McJames…pon took the required oath and together with Thomas Barbee…surety entered in and acknowledged a bond to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, conditioned according to law which…proved by the Court.

Daniel E. (Ephriam) James, a minor over the age of 14 years this day…into open Court, and made choice of Joseph McJames, Guardian, which is ratified by the appointment of…James as Guardian aforesaid by the Court. And said Joseph McJames thereupon took the required oath and together with Thomas Barbee his surety, entered into and acknowledged a bond to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, conditions according to law, which is approved by the Court.


Joseph McJames in Coffeyville, Kansas

Joseph McJames in Goodland, Indiana

D. E. James & the Dalton Gang Raid on the Coffeyville Bank

Marion James Family of Goodland, Indiana

The Final Sermon of Rev. John Robert James

Indiana Cousins of Zerelda Elizabeth Cole-James

John B. Cropper
John B. Cropper 1825-1916, great-grandson of Richard James Cole & Anne Huabbard+
Candace Hollingsworth
Candace Hollingsworth-Cropper 1830-1910

A new line Cole family cousins have been found in Indiana. Before Lucy Cole of Woodford County, Kentucky married Jonathan Sebastian Cropper, the Cropper family’s ancestry reached back to 1685 and the birth of Ebenezer Cropper in Snow Hill, Worcester County, Maryland. After Lucy Cole Cropper died, Sebastian Cropper married Provey Dorsey of New Castle, in Henry County, KY.

Sebastian & Lucy Cole Cropper’s son, Joseph Yates Cropper born in Woodford County, married Rebecca Pollard of Shelby County. Their family lived briefly in Shelby County before moving northward to Augusta in Marion County, Indiana, John B. Cropper was born and married Candace Elizabeth Hollingsworth

The daughter of John B. and Elizabeth Hollingsworth Cropper is Goldie Edith Cropper. Goldie married William Owens of Bedford, Indiana. Their family moved to Indianapolis.

Goldie E. Cropper
Goldie Edith Cropper-Owens 1889-1965
Matthew Cleveland Cropper, Brother of Goldie Edith Cropper
Willard Owens 1922-1979

Their son, Willard Owens, served in World War II and returned home to work for General Motors until his retirement. His work for GM led him to become a painter in his retirement for the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Donald Robert Owens & Kathy McHaffey


Willard’s son is Donald Robert Owens. Donald’s wife, Kathy McHaffy, who has documented her husband’s genealogy which links him to the Cole ancestry of Frank & Jesse James.






Donald Robert Owens & Kathy McHaffy

. Willard Owens & Virginia Elizabeth Hankins

.. William Owens & Goldie Edith Cropper

… William B. Cropper & Eliza Ward

…. John B. Cropper & Candace Hollingsworth

….. Joseph Yates Cropper & Rebecca Pollard

…… Jonathan Sebastian Cropper Jr. & Lucy Cole

……. Richard James Cole Sr. & Ann Hubbard

…… Richard James Cole Jr. & Ann Yates

….. James Cole & Sarah Lindsay

…. Zerelda Elizabeth Cole & Robert Sallee James

… Jesse Woodson James / Alexander Franklin James


Cole Descendant – Thomas Jesse Cole of Landers, Wyoming

Cole Descendant – Film Star Gloria Stuart

Cole Descendent Ermina Jett Darnell

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