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Christmas presents For you

Through the years, not every Christmas turns out to be perfect. This year, we are sadly disappointed that our special holiday present for you was ruined in delivery. Instead, we bring you the poem “A Christmas Wish,” specially written by Frank Younger for this Christmas season. Also, we re-gift you with a Christmas package of presents from years past.

 A CHRISTMAS WISH  by Frank Younger

Soon we celebrate again that festive Christmas Day
With our fellowship, joy, song and love,
And tiny Baby Jesus in His manger filled with hay,
A chorus of angels from above.

There's food and decorations. There's Santa and his toys,
And families gathered from far and wide -
Mom and Pop and cousins, aunts and uncles, girls and boys
All congregated around the warm fireside.

Let the spirit of this special time be with us all the year,
Let the gladness in our hearts guide what we do.
Let our smiles and generosity sincerely shine forth clear -
Let the Christmas Spirit live each day in me and you.

CHRISTMAS RAP By Thurston James


The true story of a James family Christmas gone madly awry.

In my vivid memories, one of those holiday glitches was the year we had the most unusual Christmas tree in the neighborhood.

My Uncle Bud came to our house a few days before Christmas. The plan was for him and my Dad to go shopping for our Christmas tree. After a light lunch, they were off to find a tree. They must have looked for the perfect tree, because they didn’t get home until 10:30 that night.


From a Christmas past, an ever-present and a timely tale to not let Christmas presents get in the way, lest we forget the true meaning of Christmas.


Lastly, never to forget dear Mrs. Prothero nor especially our James family’s ancestral roots in Wales…

Poet Dylan Thomas recites his classic Christmas story “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”

Not everyone is happy with a Christmas present received. Not everyone can give the Christmas present they want. What matters, in the end, is to share with family the love and meaning of the Christ child, no matter who is your family.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from your family of Stray Leaves.

Christmas Rap from the Jesse James Family

Thurston James as Santa Claus, 2003

 Every year, for over a decade, Thurston James played Santa Claus to adoring infants and children who visited him at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks California. He retired in 2004, eight months before he passed away.

Though not offically a member of the Jesse James family, he was long regarded as such, and equally accepted by the family itself.

Thurston’s dedication to the history of Jesse James was evident in the years of service he devoted to publishing The James-Younger Gang Journal. Each year he attended the annual conferences of the James-Younger Gang. His gentle demeanor befriended everyone he met.

The year before he left us, Thurston recorded a small CD album of three songs for his grandchildren, in which he identified himself as a rapping Santa.

We offer these mp3 downloads here for you, your children, and grandchildren.

Christmas Rap

Rapping Nursury Rhymes

Ballad of Jesse James