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A Yankee Writer in the Bluegrass

I’m seven years in Kentucky now, researching and writing my history book, SOUL LIBERTY, soon to be published.

They still call me Yankee. They still say I’ll never fit in.

Never mind my family was here long before theirs, and still is. Never mind I know more about their families, than they know themselves.

I came to Kentucky to write about the South, and to learn what I didn’t know. They’ve given me a first class education. I’ve been conned. I’ve been thieved. I’ve been sued, and have sued. They didn’t win. I did. I’ve learned the mind of the South is delicate, fragile, & precious. You couldn’t learn that being anywhere else. It’s learned here.

There’s a lot for a Yankee to swallow in Kentucky. The biggest gulp is learning to say, “That’s nice.”