Leafblower – really blowing your cool!

I was shocked that your post about Mr. Ganis’ account of Jesse James was so weak and inflammatory. Your family has tried for so many years to prove you are even related, while Mr. Ganis is well-known for his years of intensive historical research and his authentic Jesse James collection. Sounds like you have a case of inferiority. With Mr. Ganis’ advanced degree in military history, and his unbelievable writings on such things as the assassination of Lincoln, I can understand why you would try to make yourself seem more knowledgeable. Tell me, who did you get to authenticate Major Ganis’ military record? If you had one-thousandth of the knowledge Mr. Ganis has about history, maybe the History Channel would have asked you to be on there instead of him. You also might want to bone up on what the original purpose of the Ku Klux Klan was. . .it was not about blacks and whites. . . it was about the haves and have nots. Bone up on your history before you write another blog!!

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  1. I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I believe you hit the nail on the head. When it comes to the topic of Jesse James, the writings of Mr. Ganis are unbelievable. Indeed they are disappointing to the James family and also to historians.

    His most recent tome Desperate Measures only adds to the series of disappointments he generates, as did his History Channel program in which he insists once more on linking the James brothers to the Ku Klux Klan without a shred of evidence. A lengthy and detailed review of his book Desperate Measures, that I believe was published by NOLA and if not by its succeeding organization the Wild West History Association, concluded, stating “In summary, this book makes a lot of unsupported claims and contains no new material that expands our knowledge of the James gang. This book does not present any data that supports or proves any Klan activity by any of the James gang in North Carolina and elsewhere.”

    Regarding the military record of Mr Ganis, an open records request was made by a retired Air Force Colonel to substantiate the claims made by Mr Ganis. While the body of his claimed resume was substantiated, a significant feature of his claims was not. I have no issue with the claims of Mr. Ganis regarding his military career, with the exception of his impingement of the veracity of it, which also spills over into his inaccurate and unsubstantiated views of the James.

    Unlike Mr. Ganis, I do not seek to appear on the History Channel, nor to advance a career in show business. My fifteen minutes of fame expired long ago when I retired from my sixteen year career in television and theater. My writing for law journals, history publications, and a host of national and international publications since, demands that I know far in excess on the subject of the James than does Mr. Ganis, which I believe I do. For instance, I do know the precise connection between the James and the KKK, that did occur in fact, and that is documented, and can be source cited. About this, Mr. Ganis doesn’t hold a clue, otherwise it might have proved the centerpiece of his book. The fact that it does not is probably because it is not what Mr. Ganis would make of it in the fantasy suppositions he purports.

    Thank you for your posting and the opportunity to address Mr. Ganis in far more detail than was anticipated. Perhaps you’ll stick around to learn far more about the James family’s history.

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