jesse james’ hidden treasure

I was appalled with this program on the History Channel. This program presumed to be about Jesse James’ hidden treasure was something that should have been on Looney Tunes, not the History Channel.

This entire program was based on speculation and treasure hunting myths. At no time was there any objective history shown throughout this program.

Why would Jesse James spend time hiding treasure in Kansas?  Kansas and Missouri were at war with each other for some five years before the Civil War started in the East.  People in Missouri, for the most part, hated Kansans.  Why on earth would Jesse do more than pass through that state? There is no data of any kind that places him in Kansas for extended periods of time.

The amount of money that Pastore says the James gang stole is way off base.  In this program I understood him to say 1.5 million but in the transcript of the program it says 5 million.  Both numbers art way too high. Most historians would place the amount as $225,000 to $250,000.

What on earth is the National Geomantic Survey Organization? Geomantic pertains to geomancy which is a form of fortune telling or magic.  It is not science.

Pastore spends a lot of time in caves reading KGC code.  Really! There is no evidence the James gang ever hid out in or camped in caves.  A cave would be a good place to be easily trapped if you were on the run.

Pastore talks about OBSCURE, 19-TH CENTURY ARCHIVES but never tells us names these archives or tells where he found them.  There is a lot of information readily available on the KGC , you don’t need to go to obscure resources.  There are reports of KGC activities in the Official Records of the Civil War,   in the annual reports of the U. S. Attorney Generals Reports, and in various scholarly publications. I suggest Pastore and Ganis spend a little more time in libraries.

There is plenty more I could say about this very bad program.  I hope someone will give the individual at the History Channel responsible for this mess a good spanking!

Nancy B. Samuelson


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Tuesday July 27th, 2021
Stray Leaves


"how comes then,that a slave from the james family,back to jesse james,funeral.who was devoted to jesse.was also by the side of j.frank dalton,who claimed to be jesse james?And also senator clark,really the founder of LA! and jesse and frank,photo evidence of high degree freemasons.Jesse was not killed by bob ford.after the alleged killing of jesse,years later,frank was known to have visited bob ford, who had a saloon near a gold rush route. The jesse body that was photographed,and later buried,that was not jesse.It was charlie bigelow,who had infiltrated the james gang,and was a pinkerton informer,because two older bigelows,sit in graves side by side,and both graves show exact same death date. no-body really knows, but the ages on the grave stones of the 2 bigelows could have been charlies uncle and his father. And maybe killed by the james gang. the DNA evidence in the 80s was doubtful.others were buried buried in the same area,they did not find jesse james body,or grave. all they found was a tooth! I suspect jesse james junior,is the son of charlie bigelow. I dont know who this man is but jesse held a position of power in the US,years after he is dead.And had a hand in the assasination of lincoln, and maybe later US presidents,jesse was not a banker, but paid cash for big railroads,and copper mines,as william c.clark.US senator,and was one of the richest and most powerful men, in the US.J frank dalton told a few months before he died, everything, Dont believe? J for jesse, frank for his brother. Dalton for his mothers maiden name. but jesse james mother was not named Dalton. it was j.frank daltons cryptic clue.his mothers maiden name was cole,but she was adopted by another family,dalton. and its really the same as when jesse was so they say killed.jesse laid his gun down on the table,and bob ford shot him in the head from behind,All his friends knew jesse was not dead.Because jesse always put his guns on when he woke up,all who knew him would know jesse is not dead. so it was someone with the name hines,who went to pay his taxes,and was investigated,and found to actualy be jesse evans, a member of the james gang. who finally told jesse and billy the kid were still alive. jesse i think 12 years older than billy. you can see a picture on line of j frank dalton( as an old man) with brushy bill roberts,who admitted to be billy the kid,had his own story as one of the rough riders,and he is listed in theodore roosevelts rough riders. there is a photo a year or two before dalton died,and you can see his friend billy, and his child hood friend a black slave from his family there too.older than jesse.could it just be a co-incidence,that jesse james mother was attacked and had her arm or hand blown off,in attempts to find jesse,and later in the 1940s,investigations were made into the william c.clarke family,and one of the family screamed because old grandmother clarke,by then dead.Also had the same arm missing? jesse faked his own death twice,as jesse and as william c.clarke. his daughter when he was william c.clarke,became a recluse.she had married a man,but when her father died(jesse), it his rumoured after his death as william c.clarke,he came back after some time and told his daughter the truth,he was jesse james. clarke a rich man who lived in high society,was jesse james.she could not accept it,divorced her husband,and became a recluse. the assasination of lincoln by john wilkes booth was a conspiracy of those who still were true to the south. jesse and frank involved. Lincoln was was shot,but seriously injured,too weak to move him so far,so he was taken to the closest boarding house. And to an empty but rented room. to die. the room was though already rented. the name on the room, was william clark. wilkes booth killed after escaping but not. a soldier was set up to be killed in his place. john wilkes booth was also a freemason. wilkes booth died in 1901,as he had become a drunk and a liability,who could expose the truth,As to who controlled america at that time. jesse arranged a meeting and shot john wilkes protect the brotherhood. "
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That's impossible to read for a whole bunch of reasons.


Saturday July 24th, 2021
Stray Leaves

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THEIR COUSINS, let alone stay in touch with them. Frank & Jesse James have more than 70,000 actual cousins documented in Stray Leaves’ "Genealogy Search" database. Most living people who appear in the database as their cousins don’t even know they are related to Frank & Jesse. But here’s an important cousin clue. If someone strenuously or vociferously claims to be related to Frank & Jesse James, the likelihood is, they are not. Happy National Cousin’s Day, cousins! See MoreSee Less

MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW THEIR COUSINS, let alone stay in touch with them. Frank & Jesse James have more than 70,000 actual cousins documented in Stray Leaves Genealogy Search database. Most living people who appear in the database as their cousins dont even know they are related to Frank & Jesse. But heres an important cousin clue. If someone strenuously or vociferously claims to be related to Frank & Jesse James, the likelihood is, they are not. Happy National Cousin’s Day, cousins!
Sunday July 18th, 2021
Stray Leaves

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DO YOU KNOW THIS LOCATION? Cole Younger was an occasional visitor here. But Coles host was not named Warden.
Thursday July 15th, 2021
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UNDERSTANDING THE TRAIL OF TEARS AS CHICKASAW & CHOCTAW HISTORY . . .NOT AS U.S. HISTORY. First, we stray leaves must grasp the fact that the ancestral Anglo blood that flows in our veins from the time of our arrival in America in the early 1600s through the American Revolution is the same blood that directed the course of the Chickasaw and Choctaw Nations among the descendants of Benjamin James Sr. the lawyer and Indian trader and his children Benjamin James Jr. "of the Choctaw Nation" and his sister Susannah James who married James Holmes Colbert, a Chief of the Chickasaw Nation. This, too, is our story.

In this, our story, we see our enthusiastic defense for a growing nation in the War of 1812 betrayed and deceived by expulsion to the Trail of Tears. We see the separation of our Choctaw and Chickasaw families in the West and the surrounding turmoil that engulfed them. We learn how our distrust of the U.S. Government folded us into the Confederacy. Lastly, we perceive ourselves as men of fortitude and women of power. We possess an enduring ancestral skill to put intelligence in the service of leadership, education, and conflict resolution. Our story is a legacy for peace and progress. | Winter Fire | Episode 2: Arrival In Indian Territory
Amidst Chickasaw removal to Indian Territory, the crucial Fort Washita was constructed and leaders such as Cyrus Harris emerged.
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12 thoughts on “jesse james’ hidden treasure”

  1. Well Nancy Samuelson

    Between You and this Guy Eric James OH by the way is not Jessie James family member That talks about Shooting People Has given No proof that Mr Pastore Is wrong. Now if someone is shot in the back of the head with A 44, I don’t think there would be Much left of his face, And how did that 44 turn into a 36 round ball that was found inside the skull. So shut the hell up or Come up with unrefutable evidence! on everything that Mr pastore has found

  2. k123m,

    I’m quite surprised that Mr. James even included your idiotic comments. Telling someone to “shut the hell up.” Please. Ms. Samuelson’s review of this ridiculous program is spot on. The program was filled with the words “Pastore believes” which is not evidence of any kind. You demand that Ms. Samuelson come up with irrefutable evidence to disprove Pastore? No, it is not the job of Ms. Samuelson to prove a negative; the burden of proof is on Pastore to prove a positive. This he didn’t do. The irrefutable fact remains that Jesse James was killed on April 3, 1882. If you can’t accept that, then the burden is on you to change the history books. You won’t be able to do that, of course, and the fact will forever stand that Jesse James was killed on April 3, 1882. As an aside, I recommend that you take a writing class to learn the basics of sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation. As it is, you merely come off as an uneducated and gullible boob.

    Mel Graf

  3. I just watched the “Hidden Treasure” show which was aired on HInt Network on Tuesday, 10/19/2010 @ 10:00 PM E.T. As a dedicated and successful treasure hunter myself, I was very curious and very interested. I immediately recognized Ron Pastore’s techniques as that of a CHARLATON and a CON MAN (capitalization intentional for emphasis for those who consider themselves grammarians). I was totally appalled at the fabricated evidence presented in this show. I was horrified at the total lack of care used to dig in what may potentially be a historic site containing items of possible historic significance. Using a large backhoe to dig in such a location is akin to doing brain surgery with a pickhammer. Having been a dedicated treasure hunter for nearly fifty years, I immediately recognized Ron Pastore as a con artist! I guess the word “Geomantic” in the name of the organization he was representing says it all. I’m not surprised that the History Channel would air shows like this, many of their shows/series are indeed total fabrications and based purely on speculation. They too really need to consider a name change – perhaps the “Charlatan Channel” might be more appropriate.

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