Techniques of Jesse James Con Artists

If Jesse James didn’t die, neither did Michael Jackson. Here’s a technique used by faux historians and con artists to deny the existence of factual history. The techniques are as good today as they were back then.

UPDATE Feb. 20, 2016:  The techniques of con artists who pretend to be authenticators of historical images resurfaced again in October of 2015. The Bob Ford/Jesse James photo hoax was engineered by forensic artist Lois Gibson who claimed a tintype image was that of Bob Ford and Jesse James. As it happens, con artists attract other con artists. This became evident in the cabal of hoaxers Gibson was able to draw to her sham. Also evident in Gibsons’s hoax is the fact that hoaxers suffer from compulsion. Shortly after the Bob Ford/Jesse James hoax, Gibson engineered a new hoax with regard to an image Gibson claimed was of bluesman Robert Johnson. Her hoax met with considerable objection.

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  1. Interesting. That proves Jesse James didn’t die at St. Joe in 1882. He died as Michael Jackson in ??????? Oh yeah, he’s not dead either.

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