Your problem with History Channel

First off let me say I feel your pain. The History Channel is a cheap production channel that accepts submissions from producers. They put their name on these productions. This misleads the veiwing public into thinking fact checking is being done, like a 60 Minutes or 20/20 show. It isn’t.

One of the wildest shows is this Apocalypse Island thing they keep showing. It is pure fantasy. This guy takes a 3 day trip on a fishing boat to get to this island off the coast of South America, all the while acting like he’s visiting Skull Island from King Kong movies, with the fishing boat captain pleading with him not to go, he intrepidly braves on. He then takes another 2 days hiking to get to this clump of rocks he claims is a Mayan statue with cheap CGI to show what it might have looked like. Acting like Indiana Jones the whole while.

Here’s where he really is. An inhabited Island of 1500 people, with an airport, and easy driving access right up to the rock pile in question. This show has been thoroughly debunked as no more scientific value than a headline in the Globe claiming Batboy meets with Obama.

So I can easily believe they have done it again with Jesse James. Here’s what you do. Verify everything you can, especially the age of the jars the money is being found in, and sick a 20/20 or 60 Minutes on them! They are interested in good stories too! And a disgruntled descendant is a good story!