Fountain Carroll Randall Photo Found in Montana

Family of Fountain Carroll Randall. Fount Randall 1869-1905, wife Alta “Addie” Woodall 1873-1956, daughter Iva Blanche Randall 1898-1964

Fount & Addie Randall did not last long in Livingston, Montana, after migrating there to be with many families from Pulaski County, Kentucky who already had moved to Livingston. The couple returned to Pulaski County with their infant child, where three generations of the Randall family lived at Shopville, on the original settlement lands of John M. James.

In Pulaski County, the couple had three more children, Carl Fountain, Sherman Andrew, and Cecil B. Randall.

Fount had been married before in Pulaski County to Martha Ellen Gilliland who bore Fount Ada Lilly and Lee Othar Randall. Martha died in 1892. Martha’s parents are Gallen Elliott “Doc” Gilliland and Nancy E. Gastineau, parents of the hapless brothers James Harvey and Josiah Gilliland, who were hanged by Sheriff James McHargue. The Sheriff believed his daughter had been raped by the Gilliland brothers.

Thanks to Shelly Cardiel who rescued this old image and went in search of descendants who might appreciate it.