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The James and their descendants certainly can confound expectation. Some say the James are hard to figure out. Others say you don’t know what to expect of the James. Take this James family relation, for example.

AYME JAMES CURLEE-POINTER likes to do different things…like flying over the Virginia countryside.

Oh yeah…forgot to mention it…Ayme likes to fly in a Search & Rescue helicopter.

Sometimes, Ayme thinks it takes a woman to fill a man’s shoes. And she certainly does.

While everyone else in her family was celebrating Thanksgiving in 2011, Ayme was in fire school, because…

Ayme know she can get ‘er done!

That’s our James family cousin, AYME JAMES CURLEE-POINTER, who volunteers for the Virginia Airborne Search & Rescue. And that’s just one of the many things Ayme does.


Ayme Pointer’s James Pedigree

Ayme James Curlee-Pointer

. Dan Curlee & Brenda James

.. Jesse Franklin James & Ruth Opal Wells

… Jackson Waite James & Maggie Dozier Fitzgerald

…. John James of Alvarado & Mary Elizabeth Rosaline Bradley

….. Cyrenius Waite James & Amanda Jane Hall

…… Joseph Martin James & Rhoda May

……. John M. James & Clara Nall

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