Gagging on Google

Here’s a WARNING for anyone who wants to search on Google for  Stray Leaves, Leaves of Gas, or anything related  to our web pages.

Google now offers a new option when you seek search results. The option allows the searcher to block a web site that appears among the results Google provides to the searcher.


The most egregious consequence would result in a viewer never again being able to access a web site the searcher blocks.

Think about it for a moment. Let’s say you searched for a web site. When you found it through Google search, you decided you didn’t like the web site very much. So you decided to block it from appearing in further Google search results. Then one day you find yourself discussing with someone what you didn’t like about that web site you blocked. You go to Google to find the web site and pull it up again. But, guess what. Google is not going to give you that web site, because you instructed Google to block it.

Except in cases of true spamming, or internet abuse, I can think of no reason to block a web site, just because you don’t like the content it provides. You just never know when you’ll want access to what you don’t like, for whatever the reason may be.


Google also offers you the option to approve a web site, and insure it will appear in your future search results. All you have to do is CLICK the +1 icon at the bottom of an individual search result.

While Google has yet to calculate the number of blocks and number of +1approvals a page receives, the day cannot be far off when Google will.

The Leaf Blower recommends that anytime you search for Stray Leaves or Leaves of Gas, or any of their web pages, always be sure to CLICK the +1 icon. That way, you’ll help insure our pages always will be available for your convenience, searches, and use – whether you like our content, or not.

Don’t forget, too, to always CLICK on the LIKE icon above or below each feature story.

Happy Hunting!


Google’s info page about Blocked Sites