Editing Jesse James’ Soul Liberty

Jesse James Soul Liberty

It’s 17 degrees today and I’m editing my forthcoming book…until I came to this passage:

The winter of 1779-1780 was known as “the hard winter.” The ground was endlessly covered by heavy snowfall. The waters lay still and frozen as far south as Nashborough [Nashville]. Wild hogs froze to death. With no food to be found, the deer fell frozen in large numbers. Dead turkeys littered the landscape. The blood of buffalo froze in their veins, leaving fewer standing by winter’s end than in any year in memory. Capt. William Casey and his men camped with no benefit of shelter, many sleeping in the open air under frozen deer and buffalo skins, from which some never awoke. Here lay the bloody ground John M. James and Clara Nalle soon entered with their Traveling Church.

Enough of that. I’m off to Burger King.