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Books like to write themselves, probably because they don’t trust their parent. As author, my Chapter One for Jesse James Soul Liberty was a different chapter than this. For all the time I wrote this book, the book was being written to conform to a totally different structure and architecture, which I had meticulously planned.

Then arrived the defining moment when a critical decision had to be made. The book had grown too big in content, and too costly for publication. Choice One was to move forward as planned, and severely reduce the content of Jesse James Soul Liberty to fit into a single volume. Or Choice Two, to break up Volume I into two separate volumes and restructure the book accordingly. I surrendered everything I worked for and planned. I opted for Choice Two.

My forced decision was no less than divine inspiration. The book and its content claimed, “We can do better.” And so, it is. What remains unknown is this. Who is really writing my book?