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Betsy Ross flag
Betsy Ross displays her new flag

It’s not just a flag, Betsy Ross.

Not an Election Day passes without reminders of the numerous James family who served in elected or appointed pubic office. Subverted by the reputations of the wartime guerrillas Frank & Jesse James, or the vote riggers among their James family, Sam Ralston & Samuel Hughes Woodson, most all who were duly elected or appointed served honorably.

Some still serve today with distinction, without being elected or appointed. Like the family feminists Rev. Mollie Paine-McGreevy, an Episcopal priest serving the LGBT community, or Gail McGreevy-Harmon, who still fights today’s political battles as an attorney for Planned Parenthood and women’s rights.

All trace their roots to the soul liberty of John M. James and his band of rebel preachers, people forced into self-exile for their belief in the personhood of liberty.

In the elections of today as well as those in the future, liberty always will need guardianship. And be assured, there always will be a James – man or woman – to keep the freedom of each person.