Jesse James Book on Display in Kentucky Capitol

Display of book in the Kentucky Capitol

After inspecting my booth at the Kentucky Book Fair for tomorrow, I was asked, “Have you seen your book up at the State Capitol?” I got to the Capitol right before it closed. Sure enough, right off the Capitol rotunda, graced by the statues of Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Henry Clay, & Dr. Ephraim McDowell who appears in my book, and a few steps from the entrance to the Governor’s office, there was my book, Jesse James Soul Liberty, handsomely displayed in an antique showcase in the company of some of Kentucky’s finest writers. Any writer will know, viewing your book in a presentation like that is a thrill. I then attended a reception for all the authors, and got to meet some very interesting people. I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of history enthusiasts at the Fair, and signing my book for them.

Books on display in the Kentucky Capitol