Family Relationships Explained

The greats & grands…the nibblings, inbetweeners, and zero cousins…and, lest we forget their countless numbers, the most pesky ones of all – the removed.

Do you know what to call all those people in your family tree?

No one really can explain what a 4th cousin, 3 times removed means. Have you ever met anyone who can? But this video does. Watch it, and you can explain family relation ships, too!

Once you view this video, you will become the life of any family dinner, party, get-together, or family reunion.

Go ahead. Call your brother or sister your zero cousin. See what happens. Your knowledge will blow their mind. Introduce a family nibbling to a family inbetweener. You’ll start an instant conversation, no beer or wine required. Demonstrate your mind boggling knowledge and expertise for everyone you know with your ability to explain what a 4th cousin, 3 times removed is. Your family and friends will be stunned and amazed that you didn’t even need a powerpoint presentation.

Here’s a handy crib sheet to keep in your wallet or purse.



Now here’s a little secret of my own. Most genealogists don’t even know about this.

Instead of allowing your divorce to turn you into a rude person, always referring to your divorced husband or wife crudely as your “ex,” why not continue to treasure the love who left you behind for another? After all, we’re just talking a mild adjustment in legal semantics.

First, refer to your “ex” as your “former” spouse instead. That will keep you on a good footing. Now you can embrace the person who married them as your “husband-in-law” or “wife-in-law” !!!

You’ll not only expand your family, you’ll never again have to suffer the loss of family that divorce inflicts. Try it. You’ll like it.


UPDATE: November 24, 2014

Here’s another chart to help and explain.

UPDATE: November 29, 2014

Another chart from another viewpoint.

Cousins removed-explained2