Jesse James – Your Guide to Child Care & Parenting

Who knew Jesse James would be a guide for child care and parenting? Somebody thinks so. But who that somebody is remains to be discovered.

An alert from Amanda Palmer, a performance artist I like and follow, said she had just sent off her finished book manuscript for publication. She invited me to her book’s pre-order page at Powell’s Books. While there, I checked out how my book appeared on Powell’s website.

Powell's Books erroneous genre attribution

What a surprise! There was Jesse James Soul Liberty listed under the category of “Child Care & Parenting.”  Who knew?

Child care and parenting also appears to cost more. The book is listed at a two dollar premium above the suggested retail price.

In writing and proofing the book, I read the book so many times; but never did I come away from the book with that perspective. This clearly informs me that Jesse James means much more in American culture than anyone ever knew. The boy continues to confound expectation.

UPDATE: August 1, 2014

The following email has been received:

Eric F. James,

Thank you for contacting us. Our records indicate on ipage the following:

BISAC Categories:
– Biography & Autobiography | Historical | General
– Biography & Autobiography | Criminals & Outlaws
– History | United States | 19th Century INGRAM Categories:
– Chronological Period | 19th Century
– Geographic Orientation | Kentucky
– Geographic Orientation | Missouri
– Cultural Region | Western U.S.

We are unable to locate anywhere that it is listed as Child Care & Parenting”. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Ingram Content Group
Customer Care