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Auction lot for Frank James’ farm in Fletcher, Oklahoma

Advertising circular announcing the auction of the farm of Frank James in Fletcher, Oklahoma

Genealogy Digest

We have an update regarding Edwin Easley James 1902-1997 & spouse Beulah Chapman. Via DNA matching, Sandy Kassem confirms that Beulah’s maiden surname is Chatman and not Chapman as formerly believed. Edwin Easley James is a 2nd great-grandson of John M. James & Mary “Polly” Poor. Sandy herself is a 2nd great-granddaughter of John M. James & Mary “Polly” Poor, via Susan Prudence James.

Bones of Frank & Jesse James’ 26th great-grandaunt, Emma Beauclerc wife of Aetheldred “The Unready,” have been found in England. Read “Queen’s Bones’ found in Winchester Cathedral royal chests.”

Bob Ford’s Mess: If Jesse were shot face to face

John Alexander McKelvy displays what Jesse James might have looked like had the coward Robert Ford shot Jesse face to face instead of from the back.
John is a 3rd cousin of Jesse Woodson James and the 2nd great-grandson of David Hunt James who fought and was captured with John Hunt Morgan.

Build Up: Brereton C. Jones Honored by Thoroughbred Club of America

Former Kentucky Governor Brereton Chandler Jones (L) is a 4th cousin, 3 generations removed of Frank & Jesse James. His thoroughbred farm Airdrie which he operates with his wife Elizabeth Alexander “Libby” Lloyd and son Bret sits next door to the Black Horse Inn outside Midway, Kentucky where Frank & Jesse’s mother Zerelda Cole was born. The Jones have bred more than 150 stakes winners and earners of nearly $100 million.

Brereton and Bret Jones  (Photo by Anne M. Eberhardt)

According to the Midway Messenger, “As governor, Jones was instrumental in the creation of the Kentucky Breeders’ Incentive Fund, which uses sales tax from Kentucky stallions as awards to benefit all types of Kentucky-bred horses. He is a founding member of the Breeders’ Cup and the Kentucky Equine Education Project. In 2008 he received the Warner L. Jones Horseman of the Year Award for outstanding service to the industry.”

During the Civil War, both Quantrill and Frank James seized Airdrie Farm. They were looking for thoroughbred horses to steal from Libby Jones’ 2nd great-grandfather Robert Atcheson “R.A.” Alexander. Libby’s mother, Lucy Blythe Simms, also is a distant relation of Benjamin Simms, the short-term second husband of Frank and Jesse’s mother.

Accumulation Debris: 15 Botched Decisions of Jesse (Gregory) James

In this article, our James family ranks # 5 among the 17 secrets that Jesse (Gregory) James of Monster Garage doesn’t want you to know. Additionally, Stray Leaves rates # 10 for also calling out this fraudster’s claim of a land speed record.

Taking Inventory: Lithuanian immigrant tops all on Stray Leaves