SIFT – Summer Stockpile 2019

HEY, Student Filmmakers…Stash us some Jesse James

Sadly, no young people ever have produced a film history or biography of Jesse James or his cohorts for their age group as these young people have done. In this video, young filmmakers honor a victim of the James gang. Joseph Lee Heywood was killed in the James Gang’s raid on his Northfield bank.

Liquid Source: Our Family Tree

This video animation presents a stunning new way to view the development of our James family and its migration routes into the heartland of America. The video outlines the central river routes and tributaries, located in the heartland center of America. The waterways appear in purple like a family tree.

U.S. waterway in purple as migration routes of the James family tree

Play out the video. Then look at our James family beginning in the East in Virginia. From there you can follow their migration along the Ohio River West into the Mississippi River, up the Missouri River, back down the Mississippi into the deep South, then westward along the Red River into Texas and other tributaries in Oklahoma. These areas became the central population centers established and occupied by our core lines of the James family. Our James family is manifested and represented as the lifeblood of America itself.

Assembly Required: Using True Jesse James Pics in a Fiction Book ???

Sarah Alves-Bruchet is a French fiction writer. She is writing a fiction book about Jesse James. Sarah queried the Leaf Blower about attaching authentic images of Jesse to her fiction story. You may want to visit her Facebook page and provide your own advice for Sarah. The advice of the Leaf Blower to Sarah appears here:

Bonjour, Sarah,

As an author, I understand the principles of fiction writing and what is required to write a good story. However, please understand the principles of the James family.

The James family has been besieged for over 130 years by false history, conspirators, treasure hunters, and disreputable authenticators of historic artifacts. All of these continuously distort the factual history and identity of Jesse James and the James family. For that reason alone, a fictional story about Jesse James is of no interest to us.

There is only one fiction book that merits the respect and support of the James family. The book is The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford by Ron Hansen. The James family supports this book due to its abundant reliance upon factual history. The book also tells a story narrative that is true to fact. No other fiction book about Jesse James has come close to this high standard.

I find your intention to comingle a fiction story with true photographic images of Jesse James confounding. If your story is fiction, so too should be your images. If your images are true, your story also should be true to fact. You will find more false images of Jesse James on the internet than you will find authentic ones.

Copyright law in America states any historic photo over 75 years old is in the public domain and can be used freely by anyone. What cannot be done is to attach a false identity to a true one. To do so is a fraud.

No one, including the James family, has the right to stand in the way of an author’s creative expression. Good luck to you and your project. I will alert our subscribers to your Facebook page. Perhaps they will give you additional insight.

Best regards,


Final Take: Die, and be funny about it

Will people be laughing when they read your obituary? Or, will you only leave them crying? You have a choice.

“Thomas (Tomm) WJ Mulligan of Nashua has passed away at home in his recliner as he had threatened to for years…Tomm had spent the last few years lovingly caring for his wife, Iris, who has advanced dementia. He will be remembered by all who knew him, Except Iris of course. Everyone else though.”

OBITUARY of Thomas Mulligan