Woodward Opera House-exterior

James Hall in Danville, Ky & Joseph McJames

James Hall Gets Washed Out

Pictured working in the Danville Laundry is one of the three sons of John M. Nichols – Henry Lyons Nichols named for laundry founder Henry Lyons, Richard Bush Lyons called Bush, & Walter Barrett Nichols. The grandfather and great-grandfather of Henry M. Nichols & sons is Jonathan Nichols of Massachusetts. In his own letters, Jonathon is described as being tall, slender, and sandy-haired. Jonathon established a hemp rope walk on the Wilderness Road within walking distance of James Hall. The stately homes that line the south side of Lexington Ave. today are built on the land of Jonathon’s rope walk. His original office-residence, now over 200 years old and called the Hemp House, is the home of Stray Leaves today.

James Hall Today – A Site Forgotten

The former site of James Hall is a parking lot today serving the Boyle County Court House and jail.