BLOODLINES is a hyperlink that appears in the main Menu bar of our website, Stray Leaves.

BLOODLINES highlights the key people of our James family. These key figures introduce you to other key people from their individual lines of descent.

BLOODLINES maps for you the scope and broad extent of our James family. You will see our heritage, learn what we personify within our James family, and know what we symbolize to the world.

Each line of descent shown by this link is an element to help you visualize the architecture of our family. In the variety of our separate pedigrees, you see how we come together in one family as a whole.

By understanding our individual personal identities, you can better proceed to recognize our unique and meaningful cultural contributions of self to family and community.

The more you know us by our lines of descent and in our individual; stories and biographies, the better picture of the reach of our family emerges.

  1. BLOODLINES in the Menu

    In the Menu bar, click on the BLOODLINES link. A dropdown submenu appears.BLOODLINES on SL's Menu


    First, an ABOUT BLOODLINES page appears in the dropdown submenu. The ABOUT page explains BLOODLINES, its function, and its use.


    Next to appear beneath the BLOODLINES link are KEY PROGENITORS. Each key progenitor represents an individual line of descent within our James family.


    Click on a KEY PROGENITOR to read their biography. Each biography offers sub-links to RELATED stories. Each biography also will provide a link to our GENEALOGY database for more information.


    The result provides a virtual map of the web of our family stock which comprises the diversity of our family. You also learn what drives each line of descent.

The Future of BLOODLINES

More progenitors populate and are mapped below the BLOODLINES link, the diverse mixture of our lineages will become visible. Our family composition will appear less mysterious.

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Our genealogy and its vitality will become more clear, as our family history continues to grow. BLOODLINES will reveal our James family to you in ways no one else can.

After all, genealogy is not about the dead. Genealogy is about the living.

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