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jesse james’ hidden treasure

I was appalled with this program on the History Channel. This program presumed to be about Jesse James’ hidden treasure was something that should have been on Looney Tunes, not the History Channel.

This entire program was based on speculation and treasure hunting myths. At no time was there any objective history shown throughout this program.

Why would Jesse James spend time hiding treasure in Kansas?  Kansas and Missouri were at war with each other for some five years before the Civil War started in the East.  People in Missouri, for the most part, hated Kansans.  Why on earth would Jesse do more than pass through that state? There is no data of any kind that places him in Kansas for extended periods of time.

The amount of money that Pastore says the James gang stole is way off base.  In this program I understood him to say 1.5 million but in the transcript of the program it says 5 million.  Both numbers art way too high. Most historians would place the amount as $225,000 to $250,000.

What on earth is the National Geomantic Survey Organization? Geomantic pertains to geomancy which is a form of fortune telling or magic.  It is not science.

Pastore spends a lot of time in caves reading KGC code.  Really! There is no evidence the James gang ever hid out in or camped in caves.  A cave would be a good place to be easily trapped if you were on the run.

Pastore talks about OBSCURE, 19-TH CENTURY ARCHIVES but never tells us names these archives or tells where he found them.  There is a lot of information readily available on the KGC , you don’t need to go to obscure resources.  There are reports of KGC activities in the Official Records of the Civil War,   in the annual reports of the U. S. Attorney Generals Reports, and in various scholarly publications. I suggest Pastore and Ganis spend a little more time in libraries.

There is plenty more I could say about this very bad program.  I hope someone will give the individual at the History Channel responsible for this mess a good spanking!

Nancy B. Samuelson


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