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Namesake of Francis Marion James Sr. & Jr.

Francis Marion james Jr.
Francis Marion James Jr. 1880-1931, namesake of Gen. Francis Marion, also nicknamed Frank

During the War of Revolution, John M. James 1751-1823 served under the Swamp Fox, Gen. Francis Marion.  James was a spy for Marion, as he also had been a spy for Gen. George Washington. Both of John’s first and second great-grandsons, Francis Marion James Sr. & Jr., inherited the name of the general as their namesake.

Maintaining the general’s namesake, Francis Marion James Jr. named his first two children Francis Nicholas and daughter Anita Marion James. When Francis Nicholas James died in infancy, the name of Francis passed to the next surviving son to be born, Harry Francis James Sr. The senior Harry Francis then carried forward the namesake to his junior. also known as Stray Leaves publisher Eric F. James.

Among many of those who fought in the Revolution at the Battle of King’s Mountain,  they, too, would name their descendants Francis Marion, too, after the namesake of the Swamp Fox.

In this video, Dr. Joseph Stukes, retired professor from Francis Marion University who died recently in 2016, offers a 3 minute capsule biography about Gen. Francis Marion and why he became recognized as the Swamp Fox.