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Quantrill Raiders’ Cousin Had His Own Spotlight

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Steve Leonard is one of the founding directors of the Jesse James family’s James Preservation Trust. Steve also is a cousin of William Clarke Quantrill.

At the time of Steve’s appointment, his historical relationship to the James family was unknown. Only after an investigation into Steve’s background was it learned that Steve is a cousin to several of Quantrill’s Raiders. Specifically, Steve is a cousin to Joel Rufus Hudspeth and to the brothers William Napoleon & Benjamin J. “Benoni” Hudspeth. Among Steve’s other cousins, it appears Steve also is a cousin of Playboy publisher Hugh Marston Hefner.

Although Steve possesses a keen mind for analysis and finance, Steve’s background also includes a lengthy stint in show business, as a founder and band member of the 70s musical group The Cretones.

Presently, one of Steve’s business interests is taking musical instruments to a 21st-century level. The latest offering he promotes is the You Rock Guitar, that is becoming very popular among professional and amateur musicians alike.

Steve is pictured here in his Cretones era, pointing to the one asset that always makes him a success.

Cretones poster