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Stocking stuffers are regiftable. 2021 has been a rough year for many of us. Friends and family lost to the pandemic. Homes and property lost to climate change. Businesses and lives all around turned upside down. Now comes again the birth of the Christ child. We look again as we always have to the hope and promise of renewal. As we recall Christmas past, we Stray Leaves hang our stockings awaiting expectations for the Christmas present. We regift the past. With gratitude, we face our Christmas future. We commit again to making more perfect all that we’ve been given.

The Regiftable Birth of the Christ Child

We Stray Leaves are ever mindful that Christmas is about the birth of the Christ child. In our world of abundance and materialism, we must set aside the “Carnival of the Animals” that engulfs us. We must remind ourselves each year of the hope and promise for humanity held by the birth of each person and regift ourselves with faith in our future.

Christmas Rap – Regiftable Every Year

When Thurston James died in 2005, his estate gifted Stray Leaves with his music. Among the selections was “Christmas Rap.” For over 15 years, Thurston was the Santa Claus of the Galleria in Sherman Oaks, California.

This year, Stray Leaves received two important queries about Thurston James. One came from a university student who was researching about Thurston and his art of mask design. The other came from a publisher, seeking to re-publish Thurston’s book The Prop Builder’s Mask-Making Handbook.

Now, more than 15 years later, Thurston continues to regift his joy on honoring the children of Christmas, so we may honor our children with that very same joy.

A Glitch Steals Christmas – Too Funny To Be Regiftable

What Christmas has come and gone without something going dreadfully wrong?

Phyllis Marchese recalls the time her father and the father of Stray Leaves’ Leaf Blower set up the annual Christmas tree in a way never to be regiftable. Read her story, “A Glitch Steals Christmas.”

Year Round Regiftable Stocking Stuffers

Regifting ourselves in the joy of family at Christmas, we always can recall our family who went before. Even throughout the year. Whether with others, or alone, we can share our family of Stray Leaves through our Stray Leaves website, in social media, or in our written historical biography of Jesse James Soul Liberty.

Regiftable History – Christmas Inside the Warden’s House of Stillwater Prison

Stillwater Prison, Stillwater, Minnesota. The living room of Warden Henry Walter.

Several years ago, our James-Younger Gang stood inside this living room of the Warden’s House when we visited Stillwater Prison. Our experience was plainly more clinical than when Cole, Bob, and Jim Younger stood in this same room with Warden Henry Walter.

Frank Younger Left a Regiftable Christmas Wish

We lost Frank Younger this year. In 2009, though, Frank left us his Christmas wish, which always will be re-giftable. You can fill your Christmas stocking again this year with Frank’s “Christmas Spirit.” Like Christmas itself, it’s as good as new every year.

New Year’s Eve at the Undertaker’s House – Regiftable Now On Video Only

The pandemic has suspended many family gatherings and parties like this. Until we are safe to party again as we used to do, we can safely regift our former New Year’s Eve parties. This party comes from the family of Robert & Mary Stith Hamlin, funeral directors in Danville, Kentucky. Robert is a descendant of the Samuels family of Dr. Reuben Samuels. His daughter Anne Yeager Hamlin assisted us in the exhumation of the twin children of Jesse James.

Best regiftable regards, from the Leaf Blower

The publisher of Stray Leaves & resident Leaf Blower, Eric F. James

Official site for the family & friends of Frank & Jesse James