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The YouTube Channel & YouTube Feed for Stray Leaves

Family, friends, and visitors of Stray Leaves are welcome to visit the official video channel for the family of Frank & Jesse James HERE on YouTube.

Our YouTube feed shown below appears here and intermittently throughout the Stray Leaves website.

Videos You’ll Find on Our YouTube Channel

  • Jesse James Family Reunion Videos
  • Family Event Videos
  • Video Galleries of the Men and Women of the Jesse James Family
  • Video Animations of Jesse James Family Members
  • Promo & Background Videos for Jesse James Soul Liberty Book
  • Interviews
  • Seasonal Holiday Videos
  • Personal Videos created by our Leaf Blower, Eric F. James

Videos You’ll Find on Our YouTube Feed

The new YouTube feed for Stray Leaves highlights only a dozen of the most recent videos to be uploaded to the Stray Leaves channel.

To view older videos, access the channel directly on YouTube.

New Videos To Look For

As Stray Leaves passes its 25th Anniversary of continuous publication, we have big plans for a new generation of film and video production.

Watch for video & film interviews with historians, book authors, and scholars.

Get closer to the Jesse James family, their relatives, in-laws, and extended family as they show and tell their own stories.

Visit places and attend events relating to the Jesse James family and their interests.

Participate in Zoom meetings and video conferences on topics of interest to you.

All this, and MORE!

Join Our Video Crew

Do you have video or film production skills you like to put to work?

Do you have an interest in Jesse James, history, or family history?

Do you have an idea you’d like to bring to Stray Leaves?

Queries Also Welcomed

Email our Leaf Blower, Eric F. James, today


Jesse James Family Reunion 2002 Video – Pt. 3

Jesse James Family Reunion 2002 Video – Pt. 6

Official site for the family & friends of Frank & Jesse James