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Jesse James Family & Friends in the War of 1812

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Today, June 18, 2012, is the 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812. Here are some of the patriots among the James family, our cousins, and close family & friends who fought the second war of the American Revolution…

Capt. Henry “Harry” James, Rev. Joseph Martin James, Rev. Daniel Field James, Thomas Hite, Robert Gilmore, High Griffin, James McKinzie, William Gilmore, John McAlister, John Griffin, Thomas Hargis, Sgt. Robert Kennedy, John Graves, Squire Griffin, Burton Hite, George McAlister, Thomas Powell Jasper, Nimrod Randolph, Daniel Cockerill, James Lapsley, Rev. Josiah Pitts, Capt. Pascal Hickman, Rev. Joseph Redding, John T. Redding, Thomas Lindsay, Rev. William Hickman, Lewellyn Hickman, William Sallee, William Kirtley, Rev. Ambrose Dudley, Thomas Parker Dudley, Isaac Boone, Alexander Hueston Rennick, Capt. William Garrard, Capt. William Jennings, Capt. Micah Taul, Tunstall Quarles, Gov. Isaac Shelby, William Henry Harrison, Gen. Andrew Jackson, and lastly the two who are credited with defeating Chief Tecumseh, Col. William Whitley and Col. Richard Mentor Johnson.

Their story will be told in the chapter “Calling Baptists to War,” found in Volume II of Jesse James’ Soul Liberty, titled This Bloody Ground.