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Liberal Arts Education Defines Many of the Jesse James Family

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Williams College
Williams College

A liberal arts education is a core characteristic of many James family members who have had the benefit of an elite Eastern style education. Among schools attended by the James is Williams College, which has just been named America’s number one liberal arts school by U.S. News & World Report.

Vassie James’ daughter, Frances Ward, graduated Vassar, as did many of the feminists among the Jesse James family. Frances married Williams graduate George T. Olmsted Jr. George was a classmate of Frances’ brother, James Crawford Ward.

Following graduation, Jim Ward went on to work for G.H. Walker & Company, employed by owner George Herbert Walker, the grandfather of President George Herbert Walker Bush & great-grandfather of President George W. Bush. Many years later, Jim ended his banking career as Vice-President of the Third National Bank of Nashville.

Following an impressive banking career himself, George T. Olmsted and Frances established an endowment at Williams College to support superior teaching. The Olmsted Award is granted annually. George & Frances also established the Williams College Summer Science Camp. As they said, “The kids come to understand that if you have a question…you can try to answer it yourself.”

You can read more about them in the chapter “Underrated Men & Unleashed Feminists” in Jesse James Soul Liberty. Vo. I.