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Attn. Spinsters – Marry, or Go to Jail

The James family has a number of spinsters and bachelors who have never married.

While researching recently, I came across a newspaper item in the Harrodsburg (Ky.) Herald from 1909. A line of the James family lived in and around Harrodsburg at the time, and some still do today. The paper editorialized that the town’s spinsters and bachelors should marry or be imprisoned. To which came the following reply from a reader in nearby Danville, where James family members also lived:

“After reading your article regarding the new law that old maids over 30 must get married or go to jail, I would like to say that this old maid, in company with another one have been counting up, and we have found 131 over 30 in Danville…It isn’t our fault that we are not married, so for goodness sake don’t suggest such laws that will imprison innocent parties…

“There are plenty of old bachelors who might come to our rescue if they only would but they are too shy to ask the question, or else too stingy to take care of a wife…

“I haven’t been kissed for 13 years, nor my friend for 25. Can’t you please induce somebody to come to the aid of these 131 despairing waiting spinsters? Gray hairs and prison bars don’t go together.”