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Ancestral Trails Historical Society

The Ancestral Trails Historical Society  of Hardin County, Kentucky will host Eric F. James, the family historian and genealogist for the family of Frank & Jesse James. The nationally known genealogist will present his unique genealogical research techniques which now defines the lost history and genealogy of the Jesse James family following the assassination of Jesse James.

Hardin County Public Library
Hardin County Public Library, Elizabethtown, Kentucky

The speaker also will present This Bloody Ground the second volume of the James family’s Jesse James Soul Liberty family history quintet. Through thirty years of genealogy research,  the James family has compiled so much previously unknown history that one book alone is not enough to explain why the James family is such a uniquely American family. In their family history, the James family itself explains what no historian ever has been able to capture – why Jesse James endures as a uniquely American icon.

Both of the author’s two volumes will be available for purchase, personally autographed by the author.