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Sudden Death – Diary of a Covid Victim

While posting her daily battle against Covid-19 on Facebook, Judy Rae Davis Gibson of our family gives us an inadvertent first-hand record of the perniciousness of Covid-19. The virus claimed the life of her husband in a swift 18 days. Covid overtook Robert Melvin Gibson Sr. with sudden death. Other lives among Judy’s family, who also are infected by the virus, still hang in the balance of more sudden death.

Now, sudden death due to Covid is too common an experience throughout America. The suffering of Judy and her family with Covid and sudden death is a lesson and a caution for us all.

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Life, as Normal

July 22, 2021

Hubby headed to church to cut grass. We had so much afternoon rain that he had to cut ours again.

Robert Melvin Gibson Sr. at leisure before Covid. Masthead banner above: Robert Melvin Gibson Sr., proud veteran raising his flags at home in Athens, Georgia

August 14 at 10:36 AM

I guess hubby decided to cut our grass. It’s too hot out!

August 17 at 2:42 PM

Got to get hubby doing something. Being cooped up inside is driving him nutty. Or should I say, me…

Later – Feeling Bad

August 18 at 8:26 AM

Hubby is not up to par today. Says he feels bad. Prayers requested.

Update: he’s still feeling sick. But no covid signs at all. He just overdoes things.

Update 2: Seems better no fever just sinus junk.

Robert Melvin Gibson Sr. at the onset of Covid

August 20 at 9:14 PM

Headed to bed. Please pray I don’t get hubby’s cold…

August 21 at 2:11 AM

Been up for a couple of hours. Leg cramps, coughing, and headache. Took ibuprofen. Praying for relief.

August 21 at 6:47 AM

Both of us had a really rough night. Hubby’s chest bothering him, even this morning. Please pray that it stops. It’s his angina. As for me, my legs hurt so bad I finally took something for them. But then there’s the coughing. With sinus issues, any time of change in weather or temperature gets me coughing so hard it gives me a headache. Pray for both of us to get over our colds. Been tested, it’s not the C.

August 23 at 1:13 AM

Hubby still having pains. Sitting up with him to see if it settles down.

August 23 at 2:32 PM

I’m headed to bed. Going to try and sweat this out of me

Tested Positive for Covid

August 25 at 3:54 PM

Prayers for me, Robert, my oldest son, his wife, his two small grandkids, and Brittany. We have all tested positive for covid. Brittany is expecting and due in October.

We are all doing our best to stay away from each other.

All we need now is for the last 4 to test positive and our property will be fully quarantined.

Items that would be helpful are, Lysol, Wipes, beef broth, and adult hydration drinks. I’ve been really dehydrated and don’t want to end up in hospital. Neither Robert nor I are eating much.

My little family is so sick.

August 26 at 5:30 AM

Hubby is still doing a lot of coughing. When he wakes up, he’ll check his temp. So long as it’s not 101.3 he can stay home. Otherwise, it’s off to the hospital as directed. As for me, I feel like I might be on the downside.

People please if you’ve been around anyone who is positive stay away from family and friends, and public places. You are risking some entire families. My family is one of those who were exposed unknowingly and now I have one of the 8 in the hospital. She is due in October and they are high risk.

Please pray for her.

At the Hospital

August 26 at 8:57 PM

At the hospital getting fluids again. Been sick all day.

August 27 at 3:14 AM


They’re keeping me

I have covid pneumonia

August 28 at 8:12 AM

Getting released from the hospital today. Yay!

August 28 at 12:58 PM

Got home about two hours ago. Rested a minute, sprayed, and wiped down all the touchable areas. Rested, pulled the sheets, etc off the bed, rested. Remade the beds, rested. Took shower and now I’m done and can’t lift another finger.

I want to say thank you to my family, my extended family for the help and love.

In the Hospital

August 29 at 4:55 AM

Just got home from taking my hubby to the hospital around 8ish. After running all the tests and the different doctors going the extra mile by giving him chest X-Rays, CT, blood gas tests, he ordered him fluids, antibiotic fluid, steroids, and then just waiting for all the results to get in they let him come home. As there are no beds on the covid floor. But he did say if he begins to hyperventilate any bring him back and he’d admit him until a room is available. He still has a cough, but that is because it’s covid pneumonia. He’s in the other room resting and I’m resting in the bedroom. I’m exhausted!

August 30 at 7:27 PM

My hubby and I have been diagnosed with covid pneumonia this past week. I was hospitalized for three days. He was in the ER twice. I can tell you this is nothing to play with. All I’ve done is sleep. He has been a little more mobile than me.

I haven’t been on FB for this reason. Please continue all the prayers. You can text me and I’ll answer when I can. I’m not taking calls at this time.

August 31 at 1:04 PM

Prayer warriors, we need prayers. Husband is having a real hard time with this covid pneumonia. He had a spell of gasping for air. I still have shortness of breath. Please pray that his body will heal quickly. He doesn’t handle sickness very well at all.

September 1 at 1:54 PM

I had to call 911 last night. Husband is in hospital on a floor where I know he’ll get the best of care. His breathing is labored and difficult. PLEASE PRAY FOR FULL RECOVERY!

September 4 at 6:56 PM

Ok, I haven’t been on here lately because of a very trying day. First, I get a call from the doctor on the covid floor trying to make me make a life decision, I broke down. After I recovered myself and talked with the kids, I decided to see if the nurse had a smartphone. She did and I got to see my husband. I gave him some encouragement and told him how much he needs to fight this thing they are calling Covid Pneumonia. And come home.

So, later they called and said they were moving him to ICU. He’s still on a CPAP and they are doing the same protocol they were doing upstairs.

I got to zoom call him and he does look tired, but I’m beginning to understand some things I didn’t know before. Why are they calling it covid pneumonia, instead of just pneumonia? $$$$. Why do they want to put everyone on ventilators?

I’m going to ask big-time questions tomorrow and they better have the right answers.

Pray they listen to me and do what I ask!

I will post an update as soon as possible. Please, I’m doing the best I can to answer everyone but if I don’t answer you, please don’t hold it against me.


Sudden Death

September 5, 2021

My foundation and the love of my life. R.I.P 9/5/2021

Victim of sudden death by the Covid-19 virus
Robert Melvin Gibson Sr., remembered by his wife Judy Rae Davis Gibson

September 5, 2021

Posted on Facebook by granddaughter Whitney Snow

This morning we received the call that my Papaw, Robert Melvin Gibson Sr., passed away. This has hit my family really hard. Please pray for us as we navigate through this grief. ???? Your brats will miss you Papaw. Until I see you again…. ?     Semper Fi, my favorite Marine!

Young Robert Melvin Gibson Sr. in the Marine Corps, as remembered by his granddaughter


September 6, 2021

Having a retest as scheduled and getting something for my sinuses.  Oh yay

September 6, 2021

Thank you, Lord, for my negative results.  I knew I was negative but with what has taken place these last few weeks, I needed this result.

Still fighting sudden death and the Covid-19 virus
Judy Rae Davis Gibson, author of Sudden Death, Diary of a Covid Victim

The descendant line of Judy Rae Davis from Elisha Rollins James, with historic photos. First identified by Stray Leaves and published as a New Found Line of the James family in 1998.

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Charlie Chaplins film THE GREAT DICTATOR, co-written by Daniel Lewis James Jr. of our family, was screened this June in front of a crowd of 6,000 people at the Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, Italy. The film opened the Il Cinema Ritrovato festival. The festival program also included a 100th-anniversary screening of Chaplin’s final two-reeler, PAY DAY.